Booneville School District

Booneville thumbnail small.JPG (1)Incoming kindergartners participate in a four-week summer learning program, which was created in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of South Logan County and the South Logan County Library. The goals of the program are for children to be able to retell stories and recognize 80 percent of their letters and the numbers 0-9. The teachers use hands-on learning approaches, the local librarian reads to the children weekly, and every student takes books home at the end of the summer for their home library. The program also focuses on building social skills, such as table manners. In 2016:

  • 30 kindergartners participated in the summer camp
  • Attendees scored higher on all four “fluencies” of the DIBELS assessment than students who did not.

“My grandson loved the program. He came home and told me all about the conversations between Jack and the Giant in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ He liked to look at books prior to the program, but his interest has really taken off.”

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