Leading the Way on Dyslexia for Arkansas’s Students

flippin.JPGOne person out of five is affected by the language-based disorder dyslexia, which can impact a student’s ability to develop literacy skills by creating barriers to learning, understanding, and processing both oral and written language. Over the past few years, parents with The Dsylexia Project have led a statewide movement to ensure that all students receive proper screening and interventions for dyslexia.

A new law passed in 2013 mandates that all school districts screen kindergarten through second-grade students and any older students exhibiting clear dyslexia markers. Under the new law, schools are also responsible for providing appropriate intervention for each child.

In Flippin, school leaders did not wait for the law’s passage to take action. In 2012, the school district began providing dyslexia screenings and in-school and summer learning interventions for elementary school students. Flippin has found that addressing dyslexia has impacted almost every aspect of their school. Reading levels, attendance, student confidence, and relationships with both students and their parents have all improved. Flippin has become a model and continues to share expertise with other districts around Arkansas.